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6 Methods to Think Outside of the Box When Reaching Your Local Audience
Written by Kerry Knoll on July 14th, 2022
When it comes to reaching a local audience, it’s best to use a range of online and offline methods. However, common marketing methods are often used by your competitors, making it harder to achieve the best results.

If you want to outshine your competitors and capture a local audience, you’re going to need to think outside of the box.

To help give you a little inspiration, here you’ll discover 6 methods to think outside the box when reaching your local audience.

1. Co-sponsor events

An effective way to reach your local audience that many of your competitors won’t be doing, is co-sponsoring events.

Of course, if you can afford to fully sponsor an event, this would prove to be even more effective. However, co-sponsoring an event saves you money and it still generates advertising for your local brand.

When you co-sponsor an event, it gives you the same platform as larger businesses to market your services. Look at local events coming up and see which ones would be the best to sponsor. Ideally, you’ll want to make it relevant to your business.

2. Strengthen your web design

It’s easy to focus on more direct marketing methods. However, don’t forget about indirect methods too. For example, strengthening your website can make a significant difference to how many conversions you make.

Take a look at your existing site and ask yourself whether it is easy to use, provides the right level of information, and if it features converting copy.

The better you can make your website, the more business you are likely to get from it.

Once you have finished designing and editing your content, make sure you get your web address advertised in as many places as possible.

3. Don’t forget about SEO

SEO is often considered something larger, national and global businesses could benefit from. However, it can arguably be much more effective for local businesses.

Make sure your website and blogs are SEO optimized, alongside your social media channels. This makes it much easier for potential customers to find you organically.

The great thing about targeting local SEO, is that location-based keywords don’t have the same level of competition. This means you’ll be able to attract a much wider web audience than if you were advertising globally.

4. Engage with your customers

Engagement is a highly effective tool to help attract new customers. It can also help you to retain customers when done correctly.

Engaging with your customers doesn’t just mean responding to messages and complaints, it also means getting your fans and followers to share your content.

Social media is one of the best places to focus your efforts on marketing. You can engage with customers directly on your business page, as well as post shareable content.

If you post things that your audience loves, they are going to share it with everyone they know. So, think about the type of content your audience wants to see, then focus on giving it to them on social media.

5. Consider a loyalty program

Did you know loyalty programs can significantly boost customer engagement? A lot of top businesses provide their customers with a loyalty scheme to help keep them coming back for more.

Introducing a points-based scheme for example, will encourage customers to keep making purchases. The more they spend, the more points they earn, which can then be swapped for rewards.

Although it encourages additional spending, customers feel like they are getting something for free. This is what makes loyalty programs so successful.

6. Don’t forget to utilize offline marketing methods

While we have focused a lot on online marketing methods on the list, don’t forget about offline methods too.

Bus billboards, flyers, newspaper advertisements, and radio ads can all help to strengthen your marketing campaign and reach a much wider audience.

These are 6 methods to think outside the box when reaching your local audience. Common methods are utilized by thousands of businesses worldwide. This can make it difficult to compete.

When you think outside of the box, it lets you target potential customers your competitors might not have reached. It also expands your reach by getting your brand name in front of a much wider audience.

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6 Methods to Think Outside of the Box When Reaching Your Local Audience

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