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6 Types of Social Media Posts to Share
Written by Kerry Knoll on December 1st, 2021
Social Media can be a powerful tool for helping to build brand awareness and attract new customers. However, it takes a lot of hard work and time to start seeing results.

One thing that is going to help you enhance the results of your Social Media marketing, is posting the right content. There are different types of Social Media posts you can create. Each offers slightly different benefits to the next.

Not sure which types of Social Media posts you should be focusing on? Check out 6 types of posts you can share below.

1. A post series

If your goal is to boost engagement, consider sharing a post series. You could create a daily, weekly, or a monthly post series that keeps your audience coming back to your page.

These types of posts encourage engagement, while also generating more interest in your page. Try to provide something useful in the series, such as each Monday you could provide a useful tip to make your customers' lives easier.

Think about what your audience wants, and brainstorm ways to provide it in a series of posts.

2. Blogs, Guides or Articles

When you think of Social Media posts, you typically think of the shorter captions. However, did you know you can also post longer content to some Social Media platforms?

Sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, allow you to post longer written content for your audience. This can include blogs, articles, how-to posts, reviews and guides.

Publishing these types of posts will set you apart from your competitors. They also provide a lot more value to your audience.

Use these types of posts to build up authority in your niche and expand your target audience.

3. Engagement posts

Engagement style posts tend to be the most frequently used by businesses. They aren’t used to promote your business or product. Instead, their goal is to intrigue and excite your audience.

There are a lot of different types of posts you can create to foster engagement. The main types are the ones that ask your audience questions. You could also ask for feedback, or get them to share the post to raise awareness.

4. Blog promotion posts

Social media is a great place to market your written content. Blogs are fantastic for retaining customers and attracting a wider audience. However, they do need to be marketed in order to produce results.

You can post to let your followers know you have a new blog post available. Provide a link to the content in the post and provide a snippet so they know what to expect.
You should start to see increased traffic to your blog through these types of Social Media posts.

5. Images or video

There have been multiple studies that have shown images and videos are highly effective on social media. They can be a lot more effective than simple written content.

Images are great for breaking up the content. They are also fairly easy to put together. You can use them to boost engagement, as well as potentially drive them to your website.

Videos are arguably the most effective posts you can publish. It is much easier to watch a video, than it is to read through a ton of content. They allow you to add personality to your page too, giving your brand a stronger voice on social media.

6. Competitions and giveaways

If there’s one type of post you’ll want to focus on, it’s competitions and giveaways. Hosting a competition or a giveaway on your page is a sure-fire way to raise brand awareness.

People love competitions and giveaways. They generate a certain level of excitement, encouraging people to like, share, and comment on your post. This significantly boosts engagement, increasing your reach across the platform.

You don’t have to giveaway anything expensive. It could be a discount on your services or a gift card for example.

These are just 6 types of social media posts you will want to focus on for your business. Each delivers its own unique benefits. The trick is to publish several types of posts to please a wider audience.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should research your audience as much as possible before posting. This will give you a better idea of which posts you should focus on.

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