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How Small Businesses Can Crush it with Challenges
Written by Kerry Knoll on August 21st, 2021
Looking to increase your sales and attract new customers? You might want to consider offering challenges to your audience.

A lot of businesses are achieving success by providing set challenges. People love having a direction, and challenges give them something to work towards. They also provide help with something the person is struggling with.

Here, we will look at how small businesses can crush it with challenges. You will find out what they are, how they can help, and how to offer them to your customers.

What are challenges?

Challenges are basically a range of tasks aimed at helping you to achieve something. They typically have a set period of time to complete them. You will also find they can focus on a lot of different areas. For example, some may focus on becoming more organized, while others may aim to get you healthier.

There are a lot of 30-day challenges out there for example. These basically give you goals that you need to work towards over the 30 days. You can offer challenges that range from 3-30 days and mixing it up will generally provide the best results.

Challenges don’t have to be too intensive. In fact, the most successful challenges are often the simplest. You just need to provide a minimum of 1 task each day they can complete to meet their overall goal.

How can they help?

There are a number of ways these challenges can help you to become more successful.

Challenges can make excellent incentives. This means you can use them to get more email sign ups for example. By signing up to your email list, the customer will receive a free set day challenge.

You could also sell them if you have created your own challenges. In order to make money from challenges, they should be 100% unique and not something your audience can find for free elsewhere.

The right challenges can help to:

· Generate more interest in your business

· Keep customers happy

· Build up trust and authority

· Provide great incentives

· Attract new customers

These are just some of the main benefits you’ll experience when you start to offer challenges to your audience.

Challenges have become extremely popular due to how enjoyable they are to complete. They are often simple, yet they produce great results.

If you do offer challenges, you could also get participants to talk about them on your social media channel. They can interact with others who are completing the same challenge, gaining motivation, and sharing tips with one another.

You might just be surprised how much the right challenges can benefit your small business.

Tips for offering challenges to your customers

You have a couple of options when offering challenges to your customers. You can either create your own, or tweak existing challenges.

You will find a large number of pre-written challenges available. However, you should never just use a challenge exactly as it is and pass it off as your own. Your customers need to feel like they are getting something exclusive. If they can find it elsewhere, the challenge loses its appeal.

The easiest option would be to find a challenge that you like, then give it some tweaks. Do your research to mix and match different tips, ensuring the challenge is 100% original.

What else will you need?

As well as offering the challenges themselves, you will also need to create complementary content. That is, emails you can send to the customer with useful tips and advice.

The engagement you have with the consumer after they have downloaded the challenge, will impact whether they convert to customers. Therefore, you should focus on creating high-quality, engaging emails.

You could include strategies they can use to complete the challenge. It is also a good idea to address any issues they may face along the way. The more you can keep them engaged in the challenge, the better the results you will see.

If you haven’t used challenges in your business yet, now is the time to consider it. The above are just some of the benefits you can gain from providing regular challenges to your customers. 

To save time, consider investing in pre-written challenges, tweaking them slightly to make them your own.

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