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Why You Need an Optimized Facebook Business Page as a Small Business Owner
Written by Kerry Knoll on June 14th, 2021
Social media is undoubtedly one of the most powerful marketing tools for small businesses. Facebook is particularly popular with brands due to benefits such as its business page feature.

Having a Facebook business page is not enough in itself to ensure your online success. You also need to make sure that it is well optimized.

Here, you’ll discover why you need an optimized Facebook business page as a small business owner.

Helping your ideal audience to find you

Setting up a basic Facebook business page is not going to help your audience find you. It needs to be optimized so that the page appears when they use specific search terms.

For example, the description of the page can be optimized with keywords. Here you explain what your page is about and who your business is. Try to add keywords you think your audience will search for when looking for your type of business.

Optimizing your page also helps Facebook to see you are active. The better optimized your page is, the more preference the social platform will give you in search results.

Appear higher on search engine results

As well as helping you to appear more easily on Facebook, an optimized page can also boost your search engine results.

There is a setting which allows you to be found off Facebook too. This means, search engines such as Google, will display your page if it is optimized correctly.

Allowing people to search for you off Facebook opens you up to a lot more potential customers. It is also a free way to generate more leads.

It can drive a lot more sales

Did you know an optimized page can drive increased sales? Not only does it help to attract more people, but they are better targeted too. This means there is an increased chance they will make a purchase when they do find you.

With Facebook, you have access to more than a billion people. With a well optimized page, the sales opportunities are practically endless.

Building up trust and engagement

Having an optimized Facebook business page also helps you to build up trust and engagement. When consumers find you, they might not be ready to make a purchase right away. By liking and following your page, it allows you to build up a relationship with these followers.

Once a good level of trust and engagement has built up, you will start to see an increase in sales. Making regular posts on your page will help to encourage engagement. It also gives your business a more personal touch, particularly if you interact with your followers.

You can use it to build up an email list

Ideally, you want your followers and fans to interact with you off Facebook too. That way, if Facebook goes down or if it changes its policies, you will still be able to market to your audience.

An email list is crucial for small businesses and you can add your Facebook followers onto it. Give them the option to subscribe either through your page, or by linking to your website.

You could post about the benefits of subscribing to encourage your followers to sign up. For example, you could post:

“Don’t forget to subscribe to our email list. The first 100 people to sign up will receive a free (insert gift or promotion).”

This would help you to secure more sign ups, without being overly promotional.

Helping you to reach mobile traffic

Facebook business pages are designed with mobile use in mind. When you set up a page, it will automatically be mobile optimized.

As the majority of Facebook users access the site via their mobile phones, this is a particularly great benefit of setting up a business page on the platform.

These are just a handful of the reasons why you need an optimized Facebook business page as a small business owner. It also gives you the opportunity to keep an eye on your competitors and it will lower your marketing costs.

You will find a lot of tips online to help you properly optimize your business page. Take the time to optimize it correctly in order to see the best results.

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